Portrait of Lives changed by Classical Ballet.

Ballet performs miracles.
We teaches classical ballet to low-income children from Colombia, South America.
Festival Art Foundation is a Private Non Profit Organization. Trough the study of classical ballet we assist children and young people
living in social and educational exclusion situation. Our low-income students are accepted by audition and socio-economic assessment.

The story behind pictures:

We focus on applicants who have a history of child abuse or family dysfunction.
We rescue our students from a potentially dangerous social environment, move them to a homeschooling program,
and bring their focus on to one of the most beautiful arts.
We fully support our students through fund-raising efforts and are happy to report to our donors with so many success cases.
We need your generous contribution to provide our kids with the opportunity of becoming professional dancers
and delight art lovers in the the main scenarios of the world.
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Julián Carvajal Videographer / Photographer http://juliancarvajal.com
Photography: Julián Carvajal

Ballet students at practicing