Nuestras Vidas Detrás del Escenario

Our Lives Behind the Scenes

The Festival Art Foundation prevents child abuse, social exclusion and lack of educational opportunities, through the teaching of Classical Ballet to low-income children in Colombia, South America.

We redeemed our students a potentially dangerous social environment, educate them in a online learning program and focus them on Classical Ballet, one of the most beautiful arts.

Video: “A Priceless Talent”

This video was filmed in 2015, at some of our student’s homes, who are currently studying supported by scholarships in several of the most famous Ballet Schools in USA.

It was filmed to show that in the lower social levels of our society there is talent priceless talents, usually despised by the upper classes. With selfless financial support of our sponsors, it is possible to remove our kids from the dangerous conditions of their environment, educate and project them internationally as professional dancers.

This way, our students will never be abused, excluded or suffer the lack of educational opportunities. On the opposite, several of them are being educated in some of the greatest Ballet Schools worldwide.

Once enrolled in our program, our students will never be the same. Even more, in the future they will be prepared to help their own families to leave the poor conditions from which they come.

Thank you for helping us to help.

Through their generous contribution, you have the opportunity to provide our children the resources to become a professional dancer internationally, proudly represent you as a donor, and delight art lovers on the main stages of the World.

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By subscribing with PayPal for a fixed monthly amount, you’ll be helping us to rescue all of our students from a potentially dangerous social environment, provide them with pediatric/medical services, move them to a homeschooling program and finally bring their focus onto the classical ballet, one of the most beautiful art forms.

At the same time, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits including invitations to member events, VIP seating at public events, special discount offers and a recognition mention on our website.

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